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Cardinal Safety Products

Cardinal Safety Products is a distributor of industrial safety products and equipment. Our customers include both independently-owned companies and large corporations, and range from electricians to auto makers. We carry complete head-to-toe protection products such as gloves, faceshields, ear plugs, respirators, clothing, boots, etc. We carry equipment from the industry’s leading manufacturers and have the resources to fill any order, regardless of quantity.

Cardinal Safety Products understands that quality and dependability should not stop with the products we supply. Our knowledgeable, committed sales staff is here to assist our customers by addressing their individual needs, and to make sure they get what they want when they need it. With direct order entry, multiple location services, storeroom management, and technical services and training, we’ve made it easy for our customers to place orders, keep track of their supplies, and equip and train their employees.

For any questions concerning Cardinal Safety Products, please contact us:

Customer Service:
Diane Stopar

Jackie Tedeschi


Outside Sales:
Greg Wilson

Doug Wilson
Warehouse Manager:
Ted Evans

Cardinal Safety Products,
a division of  The Cardinal Group,  is located at:


180 East Miller Avenue
Akron, Ohio 44301

Maintenance: 330-252-0282
Environmental: 330-252-1047
Roofing: 330-252-0282
Safety: 330-252-0220

Fax: 330-252-0261











Local: (330) 252 -0220     Fax: (330) 252 0261  Toll free: (800) 976 - 9331
e-mail us: at